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As part of our workcamp at Hlekweni, one of our jobs was to help resuscitate some of the 100-odd buildings on the property, our main focus being a clinic.
before we started work
The clinic was built with European Commission aid several years ago, but never opened.

Now there is a possibility that the clinic will finally open, some maintenance work was needed on the buildings.

pre-work stretches and juggling...
and the work in earnest

While most of us worked on painting the clinic, Granny and some others helped rearrange books in the library, while others joined Gregory to do some digging of live electrical cables (not such a great idea!). Adam and Chloe also gave the Hlekweni sign a much needed facial (bottom left).

Theres always time for one last game of frisbee!
A year later the clinic looks great, but government still hasn't delivered any staff. The library has been finished and re-opened.

More information on the Hlekweni website

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